Softball excitement… not so much.

Today marks what could be the end of breanna’s uneventful an somewhat less than gun first year of softball. Her excitement at the start of the hear has slowly waned. She got a few hits early on, but since then, she has psyched herself out a bit. Not she spends a lot ofthe game with head hung low trying not to disappoint her much more experienced teammates. In the ride to the field today I gave her a bit of a pep talk, an told her that as long as she did her best, I would be proud of her. I hope that she can just have fun.

The book has so far been coming along in schedule. Granted, it has only been three days, but on day at a time is all a person can ever do. I was sitting down to write yesterday and started battling with the first sentence. I always enjoy writing when it flows. I it becomes a chore I generally don’t bother. However, since I feel that this book is a job that God has given me to complete, I didn’t want to stop. As I stared at the screen I remembered that I hadn’t had any devotion or prayer time yet. I decided that “who I am, will always be more important than what I do.” After my prayer time, the chapter flowed easily and from the heart. Once again… God works.

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"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose." - Jim Elliot

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