Just returned from a week long photo excursion / adventure with my brother in California.  We covered everything from the redwood forest, to death valley, to san francisco, highway 1, and yosemite national park.  I may post a few pics from the trip here when I have a minute to go through them.  I’m getting pretty desperate for a laptop.  I really enjoy posting my updates here on a more frequent basis, but it seems like the times when I could write I’m usually not at home.  Sounds like a pretty good justification to me, but I’m going to have to wait until my money tree starts blooming again.  :-\

Egg roll (unborn baby) is about 9 weeks now.  Wendy and I love the ipad app that shows what the baby looks like at the various stages and what is happening to baby and mom at that particular time of the pregnancy.  I’ve taken to referring to Egg Roll as a him.  I will of course be happy with any healthy baby, but I won’t lie.  I’d like for it to be a he.  :)

During the last several months, I’ve really been seeking God for direction in life.  More than I probably ever have before.  I don’t want life to push me along the course it chooses for me.  I want to live THE life that God designed me for.  Throughout the last 8 years, I’ve really been throwing myself into photography.  (I enjoy photography, so that definitely wasn’t hard.)  However, earlier this year, I came to the realization that photography isn’t my life’s purpose.  I made plans to finish the wedding bookings that I have for the remainder of this year, but I stopped accepting new clients.  It was a difficult choice in some ways because I’ve finally started developing a client base, and a portfolio that is definitely among the top in my area.

The main difficulty I’ve experienced during this stage of my life has been the gray area that I was walking into.  I’ve followed what I believe to be God’s leading, and I’ve left a church that I was a part of for 13 years and next I felt like I needed to leave the photography business.  So I’ve had lots of goodbyes, but I haven’t seen anything that I was supposed to say hello to.  I’ve never been someone that is short on ideas.  I’ve had no less than a dozen plans and ideas enter my mind on a daily basis since then, but there hasn’t been anything that I felt like I was supposed to do.  Until Sunday…

The pastor at the church we’ve been attending in Nashville was speaking about the significance of compassion in our lives being something like a forecast.  The things that we feel compassion for are a prediction of our purpose in life.  As I was spending a few moments in prayer, I felt like God told me I needed to write a book that I’ve been thinking about for a while now.  That’s so awesome because I’ve never had a real direction like that saying that I needed to act on an idea. Now I’m just trying to figure out how to go about it.  I think it’s going to be a relatively short book, but sometimes I start writing and get sucked into the story I’m putting onto paper.  My goal is for this to be a 45 day project.  I won’t be too upset if it takes a bit longer than that though as long as it does get finished.

My biggest fear right now, is that I have a track record for sprinting a great 99 yard dash.  Hopefully writing this and putting it out here for the world to see my progress can help to provide a little bit more accountability.

You may be curious as to what the book will be about… you’ll just have to wait.  :)

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