Landed in California – on the way to Sequoia National Park

Yesterday began my seven day photo expedition.  My awesome wife bought me a 7 day trip to California to explore and photograph with my brother Casey.  Well, Casey’s wife bought his trip, my wife bought mine.  We met in Dallas airport yesterday and then flew into Fresno.

After we landed, we began the drive down to the park.  We decided to crash last night in Visalia, which is a pretty cool little town.  We ate at the most un-Mexican Mexican restaurant that I’ve ever been to.  But, it was awesome!  As soon as they brought me the chips and salsa, I knew that I had found a winner.  Even though it was a little difficult to get past the jazz music playing, and I probably should have expected as much with the name of “Henry Salazar’s”.  Still, if you’re in the area, you could definitely do worse.  I wish the wife was here, the mellow vibe would be great for date night.

We didn’t do a huge amount of photography yesterday, but we did make several stops along the way.  The scenery here is absolutely spectacular.  As I round every bend in the road I find myself thinking that this is the most spectacular view I’ve ever seen, and there is no way there could be another as beautiful as this.  Then, as we navigate the next turn, God slowly reveals another marvelous panorama of rock studded mountain faces brushed with just enough golden sunlight to accent every curve and slope.  Being here is a vacation for the eyes.

This morning, I was up at about 8:00 – which happens to be about 6:00 CA time.  I’ve eaten a big breakfast, walked around, drank coffee, and now blogged waiting for my brother to get his tired butt out of bed.  I’m going to have to go back into the room and turn on some lights and start moving things around.  Or… I can knock on the outside of the window.  He’ll never know that was me, so I can escape the blame.  Clever.

This morning, as I was having my face time with God.  I felt like I should tell my wife that she needed to meet with someone today.  Nothing earth shattering, just an impression that I relayed to her, but what was cool was what I felt like God revealed to me about himself in the process.  I am perpetually plagued with the ‘why’ question with God, but sometimes that’s a good thing.  As I was wondering why God would have her take this little trip into someones life today, it was like God said….  I have something good for waiting for her there.   … Then the scripture in Jeremiah that God says He has good plans for us came to mind.  How many times does God ask me to do simple things just because He has something good waiting for me on the other side of that obedience.  So today, I’m looking for the opportunities to simply go where He is pointing.  It’s a little like a spiritual treasure hunt.  :)

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