Oceans of cheese…

I sat there thinking… is it possible to have too much Queso Blanco?  Wendy and I were sitting in Camino Real next to Target in Antioch, TN after just having finished Vision Sunday at Oasis Church.  The cheese dip was a little on the runny side, and I always prefer it to have a little more viscosity so that I’m able to really load up a tortilla chip.  but it was still tasty, so we pretty much had finished it off when they brought out my chimichanga.  It was pretty standard american mexican food.  Deep fried tortilla, beef chunks (with a little extra chili flavor that I loved), sour cream, guac, and pico with the usual side of rice and beans.  But, … and this is a big but.  My chimichanga looked like a tiny life raft afloat on an ocean of cheese.  The cheese was almost covering the salad, rice, and beans too.  Don’t get me wrong.  I have no issues that plague some people that eat too much cheese, so the fact that my plate now had a high and low tide didn’t bother me at all.  It was awesome, but I found out that I do have a limit.  I wasn’t able to finish it.  I didn’t feel defeated, just overly satisfied.  So hats off to Camino Real for not going skimpy on the cheese sauce.  Now if only you’ll do something with those terrible chips.

In other news… today was Vision Sunday at the church that we’ve been attending for several months now.  Vision Sunday is a day during the year that they receive the giving by the people who want to contribute to the mission work and outreach of the church.  It’s not an offering to support the day to day operation, but rather a day to give to the rest of the world.  They support so many worthwhile causes, that it’s really a privilege to be able to give.  I told Wendy that it’s really refreshing the way they approach giving.  They probably spend 3-5 minutes out of any particular service to receive the tithes and offerings, but it is still a faith environment.  To me at least, it doesn’t come across as a church that’s out to get your money.  In fact, it is obvious that they absolutely desire to help the less fortunate of Middle Tennessee and the world.  I don’t expect anyone from Oasis to read this, so I’m not writing this for brownie points… I’m not on staff or heavily involved, I’m just a guy who attends church there.  It’s a privilege to be a part of such a relevant house.

We seem to be in a time of our lives where God is asking us for absolutely everything.  Really.  It’s honestly a bit scary, but at the same time, I’m not scared.  We completely believe that He is leading us down a path that is going to be His perfect will for our lives and allow us to live this abundant life of living and giving.  We are walking by faith.  It’s not totally blind faith, because the path in front of our feet is illuminated as we take each step.  We don’t know where the trail leads yet, but we are seeing the miraculous along the way and are truly excited in anticipation for the curtains to be rolled back and see what God is preparing for us.  I’ve always believed that when we walk in radical faith and obedience to God that we experience God in radical ways.  I can’t tell all that we’re doing right now, but I look forward to telling the story when we get to the end of this chapter.  I have no doubt that it’s going to be one of the greatest chapters of our lives up to this point.

Wendy is a bit like an emotional roller coaster right now… imagine that.  Being about 5 weeks pregnant, you’d think she’d have this under control by now.  (my spiritual gift of sarcasm at it’s finest)  Seriously though, it’s obvious that she’s having ups and downs, but she is such a doll.  Sometimes when she’s frustrated and angry, and just maybe possibly taking it out on me… (rarely if ever happens – the gift again)  She will be in mid ‘discussion’ and throw into the conversation an angry sounding ‘I love you.’  It’s pretty comical when she does it.  It’s a simple thing, but it always lets me know that even though she is maybe possibly taking her frustrations out on me, she isn’t blaming me for them, and I can live with that.

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