New Roommate..

Well, sort of.  Wendy has moved into my office.  On a whim I offered to turn her office into the new baby room because she was having a bit of a down moment the other day.  I love it when a smile creeps out of the darkness and onto the face of someone who has been a little on the somber side for a while.  She was pretty excited about the change, so now she’s sitting behind me.

So far the move has been only mildly dramatic.  I have a new found back ache.  Apparently I’m getting too old to pick up tables and move them by myself.  Yesterday I hobbled around the world with an umbrella doing double duty as a makeshift cane.  I tried to pimp a little bit with the walk, but my swagger suffered a bit since I was actually in pain and not just moving to my own internal music.

The other drama involves music.  Somehow I’ve managed to pledge my undying love and devotion to a woman with completely different taste in music from myself.  She just doesn’t appreciate the Sweet Child O Mine that happened to be playing on Pandora a minute ago.  Go figure…  So, now I’m thinking that I’m going to have to invest in some better headphones.  I will also have to figure out a way to avoid the nuisance of headphone hair that always plagues me when using them.  After an hour, my hair gel goes through some molecular change and re-solidifies in a flat band where the headphones were.  Another pain… you never get even a shadow of a thump in your chest while listening on headphones.  Such are my problems today…

Randomness….  I’ve decided that I’m going to try and find out if Vital Care hair gel (the purple one) is a long term viable company.  I’ve spent more money on hair gel over my lifetime than most people spend on clothing, and it seems to be one of the few things that I have invested well in.  My point though, I’ve tried some really expensive hair gels.  In fact, I’ve tried most of the gels, mouses, putties, glues, etc. out there for hair and only this cheap walmart jumbo size hair gel works the way I like.  It doesn’t turn into fake dandruff after a couple of hours, it doesn’t make my forehead into a zit farm, and it gives me the perfect ration of hair clumping to shiny rock harness that I love without breaking or impaling small children and the aforementioned wife while cuddling.  Plus… I would be willing to throw down some bank for a good hair gel, and Vital Care comes in something like a two quart jug for about 3 dollars.  It’s a little bit of hair gel heaven.  Anyhow, I’m a fan of theirs.  They better not go out of business any time soon.  :)


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