Why am I creating another blog…

I’m sitting here tonight in what used to be a garage, but has since been converted into a pretty cool office space where I spend a whole lot of my day.  At the moment I have about a bazillion things going through my mind like some kind of meteor shower of random thoughts streaking through my consciousness just long enough to register with a bit of sparkle and then fading back into the more obscure realm of my mind.  Maybe that’s why I’m starting another blog.

I had a photography client tell me today that she enjoyed reading the facebook posts from Wendy (my wife) and I because we really seemed to be embracing life.  That’s what I want.  I sometimes sit and think to myself, “I can hardly believe that I am getting to live this life.”  There are definitely reasons to be a manic-depressive in life, but there are so many other reasons to embrace it and love it.  I choose the latter.  Currently I have a blog that talks about my faith, and I have a blog that talks about my photography.  I want a blog that is just a place to put my life into words.

There are days when I am able to do some pretty exciting things.  There are activities that I’m involved in that are significant and life-affirming.  I have some of the most remarkable family and friends that you could imagine.  I am open and honest enough to share my struggles and victories with others in hopes that we can all live more abundant lives.  As an entrepreneur and occasionally big time risk taker that is finally starting to see a really pleasant light glowing at the end of the tunnel, I have some experiences that are, IMHO, pretty inspiring.  Another thing…  I get pretty stoked when I have the chance to try something new.  I’m a bit of a food explorer, and I enjoy talking about the amazing and not so amazing things that I eat.

So maybe that’s why.  Maybe I just want a place to share my life and experiences with others.

Or possibly, as I’m trying to focus my thoughts over the sound of my 3 Boxers wrestling in the other room, I’m looking for a place where I can stop the chaos for a moment and organize my ‘meteor shower’ into a well thought out rock collection.  Writing helps me to do that.  It helps me to prioritize and re-evaluate the way that I’m doing life.

So…  Welcome to my journey.  Please feel free to share your own experiences too and offer feedback.  Life is better when we do it together.



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"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose." - Jim Elliot

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